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Yeah, just... Oi.

Let me start off by apologizing to LJ. I'm sorry I haven't had time to post as much LJ. I do miss our little flirtations and your ability to just listen as I bitch. But I've been busy trying to be a responsible dad. Though it hasn't seem to mattered to the courts lately. I had a court date yesterday to try and extend my exclusive temporary custody until we can get a final custody hearing. I didn't go in as prepared as I should have been and the judge ended up ruling that we share custody again. She had her friends testifying to how great a mother she is and how they love when she watches their kids. I was there alone. Just my word versus hers. I managed to unravel most of her case with logic. That I have the kids almost all the time. That she can't provide a stable home for them. That she was just released from psychiatric care from the hospital. For the second time. But even all that wasn't enough to get me full custody. So I'm back at square one. My kids still don't have a stable environment and it's driving me nuts. Just trying to be a good dad is not enough. Now I have to be on the ball. I'm having issues at work because I've been so tired and physically and mentally drained by everything that my performance is slipping. I even demoted myself from QC Supervisor to just a Tech so I could focus on things at home. I have a to-do list that is so large it's ridiculous. And I'm so worn out coming home in the mornings I just want to sleep. But I have kids to look after so I can't even do that. Enough complaining though, time to get things done. My next post will be a little better and more upbeat hopefully :).
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