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My anniversarry

Today is my 5 year wedding anniversary. So hold on to your hats people, this is one for the books! First of all, I'm getting divorced because of these reasons:
(clears throat)

1. I'm a horrible cheating asshole. Despite the fact that in almost six years of being together I have turned away every single woman that's come onto me? No matter how frustrated or angered I was by her, within 2 minutes of talking to me you know I'm married with kids. That was it. Pardon me for talking with a female every now and then. But with over 3 BILLION women on this planet, you'd think I could've avoided talking to all of them a little better don't you?

2. I "left" her. First time, I did. But when a woman is out of her god-damned mind and attacks you in front of your kids, what do you do? Do you sit there and just let your kids see that brutal fiasco? Or do you take them the hell out of that enviroment? Excuse me for taking our kids away from that. True, you didn't physically pull a gun out and make me leave this time, but you might as well have. Are you happy now? Are we even now? I left you once, you end our marriage because you didn't want to fucking try anymore. Fuck you.

3. I hold you back. I never told you to not get a job. I never told you to not finish school. In fact, the only thing I told you was to go finish school and then get a job. Or to wait until until the girls were in school to look for one. But that would have required patience and thats something you are so fucking excellent at isnt it?

4. I'm too controlling. I've never made you give up a damned thing ever. I always asked you about things before I made any decisions on anything. If you didn't tell me how you felt when I asked you then you are S-O-L. You change your mind every other day and then expect our lives to change along with that. Sorry things don't work out how you want. But sometimes we have to put our big girl panties on and deal with it.

5. I put the kids first. And then? Why don't you ever? Instead of crying about how unfair life is, or how you never did anything, why don't you try being content for the fact that you made three beautiful children. You get on my shit if I have them for the little time I have, but you see them for an hour or two then you put them to bed. They are in daycare and you're still not doing anything beacuse you feel overwhelmed. Welcome to single parent life. It's a bitch ain't it?

So you see how bad of a person I am. I should just kill myself and be done with it, don't you think? I've spent nearly half a decade being a father and a husband. I enjoyed it more than anything else. I might not have been the best, but damn it I tried. Fuck you for taking that away. You might not know what your place is in life, but I did. I'm daddy and now I have to miss half of their lives because you got too tired of trying. Because you were fed up with our situation. I might not have been able to give much, but what I was able to do, I worked, bleed, and cried damned hard for it. And it was never good enough for you. Every time I worked hard to build us a better situation, you had to throw some shit in there to knock us further back. It's almost as if you where trying to hold us down. I know you hate changing your routine, but damn, I was just trying to give us a better life. There's so much other shit I could go into. But I don't want to be typing all day. But there is one thing. How the hell does a picture of a refridgerator mean I'm cheating?

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY sorry for being such an inconvinience in your life.
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