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First things first...

I passed my courses at work!!!!

So I'm sooo happy about that. I officially cheated the college system and got something that usually takes 4+ years of school and working with radiation to achieve. I'm such a sneaky rican. And it looks like I might be having to go through a custody thing soon. She's not doing too well with the kids. She called me yesterday to tell me she couldn't handle them anymore and I had to go get them. I tried to tell her to just give them to me completely, but she freaked because that would mean she would "have nothing for herself" (i.e. child support). I've been giving her more than enough money to support the kids. So much that the first official payment is at the end of the month and I only have to give her a quarter of what she's supposed to get. I paid too much the past few months and I have all the check copies. So DCF was kind enough to actually give me some good daddy credits, so to speak, and cut the first payment. Score one for trying to be responsible. Let's just see how the rest of the divorce goes. She's been trying to dodge the paperwork since she saw how much less she was getting in child support. And she screwed up the 4C paperwork for her daycare. So I either have to shell out over a grand extra a month, or I can take the kids during the week. Guess who's barely sleeping now. Not that I'm complaining by any means, but she still doesn't have a job and I work overnights. I'm taking them back to her place around 5 and going home to sleep until 10, then I go to work and don't leave until about 9 am. Then I go straight to get the kids so she can continue to "look" for a job. By looking I mean spending more of her trust fund on crap and sitting on the computer staring at the screen yelling "Why won't a job just appear out of nowhere and hire me for a million dollars?" Yeah, fun times. She'll usually call me during the day and berate me on living with my grandparents again and to let me know what else she's buying. Oh, and let's not forget the old "I need more money from you, the kids are too much for what you're giving me." But let me not get bitter about it. I'm trying to slowly convince her to just give me the kids and she can do what she wants with her life. She doesn't want to give up her dreams of being an artist she says. That's part of being a parent. You have to give up things like your dreams and your wants sometimes. It might suck, and you might just end up alone, but it's worth it. So Grandpa is even offering to foot the bill for a lawyer should I go that route. I just hate the thought of putting the kids through all that mess. They've had it rough enough with all that's happened with this divorce.

Valentines day is coming up. I'm sending Nikki and her daughter flowers. Things are still awkward between us on the account that we still want to get back together, but we're keeping our space until we get our heads straight. Jumping out of one 5+ year relationship and almost straight into another one is not the best idea. We're both in that boat and want to make sure we're not just rebounding right into each other. At least we can talk about these things and be friends. That's got to count for something right? (desperately seeking validation here people, somebody throw me a bone)
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