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Tour of my deathtrap employment

So I've decided to show where I work and some of the more interesting ways to die there. I work in a nuclear lab for a large healthcare company. It's a small lab with only 4 employees there total. I snagged some pics during my all too often alone times in the lab. Enjoy the deathtrap that is my place employment :).

Here is a shot of the main production area of the lab. That white tower near the front left is where our chemistry boxes are held. Those doors are 6 inches of lead and very heavy. Right behind them you can make out the top of my robotic arms that we use to handle our actual dose dispensing of product.

Here's a closer shot of the chemistry boxes themselves. Notice the giant radiation symbols on the front. You open one of these things while its doing its thing with the isotope and your face feels a little warmer afterwards.

The inside of a chemistry box. Every morning we strip out the old kit after the radiation has dissipated and install all new chemicals. Fun stuff.

This is our master control station as well as our germ destroying oven in the back and our non-food fridge.

Close up of our master computer. An early mac design (like late 80's) that runs on linux. This is how we keep things from blowing up :).

The wall of boom tanks. Hydrogen, helium and nitrogen. All nice and compressed and ready to blow me the crap up!

200 proof grain alcohol. I'm tempted to drink it but then my liver will probably melt.

Ammonium Hydroxide. I have to hold my breath while working with this crap. It literally makes your head spin.

We don't go in here unless we need it really bad. Or we're really bored :).

That inconspicuous plain white tower on the right? Once had a trainer tell me it will kill me in a heartbeat. It's an RF generator. It makes radio signals used for big electron magnets. It puts out enough juice to literally deep-fry an elephant.

35 pounds of tungsten in my hand. And that's the small container. This is what we ship our final product in. A tiny 10 mL vial goes inside and we cap it with a 5 pound lid. You would really think my arms would be bigger working with this crap all night.

Last but not least the door of doom. Behind that door lies a cyclotron. When working it produces lethal amounts of radiation. So it is "safely" placed behind five feet of lead and concrete and you have to walk through a maze to get to it. When we turn it on an air siren goes off in the lab to tell you to get the fuck out of that room or die.

And me at 4 in the morning. Notice how happy I seem to be awake and at work. And this is right before my "lunch" break.

And that's the job. I got news today about a position that might be opening up in a similar environment only it will be day hours. It's very tempting, but that's food for thought. I'm heading out tonight with Tim and hopefully get a few drinks in me. I don't have my kids or work tonight so there is no excuse to be irresponsible and get a wee bit drunk. Oh, and I finally got new glasses today! No more taped up old beaten frames. I look all sophisticated now :).
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