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Some recent happenings...

So a late congratulations to one of my best friends and his new wife. I love you both, thank you for letting me be a part of your day and I'm sorry for the whole too much to drink thing :). At least there were other more embarrassing things that happened that day!

Here are some pics I snagged from iheartmytho page. Who looked lovely in her wedding dress might I add.

The wedding party outside the reception. I don't even remember what bottle I was holding lol.

From left to right: Ryan (the grooms brother), a very drunk best man (me, lol), Rick (the groom), and Tim (the only person that was drunker than I was at this point, lol).

They cut a log. It's some german tradition signifying teamwork. I thought it was a poop joke when I first heard it.

The bride and groom at chucky cheese. I'll explain below.

They wouldn't smash the cake into each other sadly.

The cathedral they were married in.

Tim realizing that they don't sell beer at the gas stations in Indiana.

Me in the monkey suit. Hold your snickering!

Amd Rick walking down the hallway of our hotel.

All in all it was a fun wedding day. South Bend was pretty nice. I loved the area. We got there on a Thursday to meet Amandas parents and family. They fed us pizza and bought loads of beer. We even got to take some back to the hotel with us. We got drunk that night and woke up early to go to the tux fitting. I was the only skinny one there, lol. So mine fit a little differently. We had the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner that night, then they took us out for drinks at an after party. Amanda's dad is a very huggy drunk. Awesome people though. The wedding itself was on Saturday and it was beautiful. The church looked like it came out of Castlevania. I wanted to whip a chandelier to see if a heart came out. Once that was done we piled into the limo and Rick paid the driver (who had the best mustache ever) to make a pit stop at chucky cheese. They brought the photographer along and snagged some photos of us playing ski-ball and with chucky cheese himself. I cannot wait for those shots. Then we made it to the reception, me and Tim were pretty wasted by that point, having killed a bottle of rum in 20 minutes by ourselves. And it was a free open bar. I got so drunk I was dancing with the maid of honor. And I don't dance, ever. We made it back to the hotel for a pretty memorable night. And went to brunch the next day with the family. Came back home the next day and spent the next two days home playing with my kiddies. I went back to work and now life is back to somewhat normality. And I found out my job has an assistance department that can help with legal matters and childcare and such. Looks like I might have to tough out the overnights a little longer!
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